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About Our Electrical Safety Rubber Mats

12/01/2023 02:47:50 PM
About Our Electrical Safety Rubber Mats  

Work safety is an issue with great emphasis everywhere. At workplaces where people work with or around high voltage equipment, protection against electric shock is essential. Rubber mats made of a rubber mixture with a high electric resistance are perfect for this task.

In this article, you can read about the electrical safety rubber mats available in our webshop.


Where can you use electrical safety rubber mats?

Using electrical safety rubber mats is recommended, or outright required by work safety standards, around high voltage appliances, in generator rooms, around switchboards and in power plants. Furthermore, the smaller sized and easily portable mats are ideal for technicians for temporary protection in the area they are currently working in.

Rubber mats and other work safety gear

When choosing the right mat, it is important to consider up to what voltage that particular rubber product is certified. In our online rubber store, you can choose electrical safety rubber mats with quality certificates, rated up to 17,000, 20,000 and 26,500 volts. Of course, using such mats is not in itself a substitute for wearing the right safety gear. You can browse our webshop for electrical insulated gloves and many other work safety products.

Anti-slip electrical safety rubber mats in different sizes

The electrical safety rubber mats available in our online rubberstore are not only great insulators, but they also have great anti-slip properties owing to their surface design.

They are also available with various patterns and in different sizes. They can be ordered in square metres, with one coil up to 10 metres long, and with thicknesses and lengths of 4 mm x 1400 mm, 5 mm x 1300 mm and 3,5 mm x 1200 mm.

Finally, while electrical safety rubber mats provide protection against high voltage electric shocks, there are certain workplaces where you need small surface resistivity in order to prevent electrostatic discharge. Such places are for example electronics assembly plants or explosion hazardous areas. For this end, the perfect choice is the antistatic ESD rubber sheet.

To look at the detailed parameters of our electrical safety rubber mats and our other rubber products, please visit our website:

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