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Rubber Parts Used in Transportation

11/11/2022 03:13:41 PM
Rubber Parts Used in Transportation

Due to their great physical properties, rubber parts are used in all fields of life, and transportation is not an exception. In this article, we look at which rubber products are essential in this area.


Securing the cargo with trailer flooring or granule rubber strips

A pertaining rubber part, that might come to mind first, is the anti-slip rubber sheet trailer flooring for your cargo space. Its usage is especially important for maintaining the integrity of the payload and the safety of the transportation process. Our trailer floorings are not only perfect for under your cargo, but they are also excellent as the flooring of horse boxes. The trailer flooring available in our online rubber store comes reinforced with 2 polyester fabrics for enhanced durability.

Anti-slip granule rubber strips are also used to keep the cargo from moving, and their usage is a requirement in for example Germany. In our webshop, you can choose anti-slip rubber strips with the perfect parameters for your particular use case: you can customize their thickness, width and length.
Furthermore, our rubber wheel chocks are also excellent for not only securing the merchandise, but also the vehicle being loaded.


About truck rubber dock bumpers

Another important rubber product for transportation, especially regarding larger trucks, is the rubber truck dock bumper. Having one installed allows for precise maneuvering without the risk of damaging the vehicle, its surroundings or the goods. You can find such truck dock bumpers in our online rubber store in three different sizes.
Although not rubber parts, accessories for tanker trucks, trailers and tank cars are also important products for transportation – and also available in our webshop. This includes various couplings and hose tails with threads.


Rubber hoses

Last but not least, an important aspect of transportation is the maintenance of the vehicles carrying the cargo. You can browse our online rubber store for numerous rubber hoses, such as oil and fuel hoses, cooling water hoses or ventilation, suction and exhaust hoses. Our special, high temperature hose can withstand temperatures between -70 and +250 °C continually, and even -85 and +300 °C for shorter periods of time.

As this article shows, numerous different rubber parts are important for efficient and safe transportation. For the perfect rubber parts for this, and any other area, take a look at our online rubber store!

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